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Activate Small Group Training


We’re making fitness fun and social with Small Group Personal Training

Group work-outs are fun, social and motivating. But don’t worry – you will still sweat. Take your strength, endurance and results to the next level with Activate Small Group Training. Experience the satisfaction of breaking through plateaus, hitting new PRs and sharing your results with your training partners. You’ll feel great and make new friends in the process!

Our expert coaches guide small groups through curated workouts that are organized, individualized & performance-oriented. Programs are designed to help build four main athletic pillars: strength, aerobic capacity, flexibility and body composition.

Get the most out of your sessions by using advanced technology & target heart rate zones to provide real time feedback and ensure you are training at maximum efficiency.

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After your high-energy workout (or maybe on the next Friday evening), you and your newly-made gym crew can hit up our very own, Altea Active’s duckpin bowling alley. Friends, families, colleagues are all welcome! With four lanes of fun and full access to Catalyst’s fantastic food and cocktail menus, you can play hard after you work hard!


to increase acceleration in the initial phase of movement


to improve neuromuscular efficiency and coordination


to perform exercises and athletic tasks in the shortest time possible


to maintain output for prolonged periods of time


Classes are 50-55 minutes in total. This includes 5 minutes of a dynamic warm-up and 45-50 minutes of coach led exercises, 5 minutes of cool down and stretches.

Unlimited Activate Sessions included with Diamond Membership

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Activate Small
Group Training


Get Faster Accelerated Results with Small Group Personal Training

Are you ready to improve your strength, endurance and energy – and make friends in the process? Then this is the best program for you! Activate Small Group Personal Training is a coach-led training program for groups of 9-12 participants.

Experience the accountability, energy and excitement that comes from sharing your progress. This program is perfect for those who are looking to set goals, lose weight, and get fit in a team-based setting.

The upbeat tunes will be pumping as your coach motivates you over the mic. We use heart-rate monitors to let you know exactly what intensity level you’re working at during class. We use advanced technology and equipment to help you get better results than most people can achieve on their own. Those who work out together, succeed together!

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Post-workout, you and your newly-formed gym crew can grab a quick bite at our in-house Smoothie Bar and Starbucks. Wifi included.

Class Size

We typically have 9-12 participants per class. This allows the coach to provide individual modifications, progressions and motivation.


Choose from over to 20+ classes per week.


Classes are 55-60 minutes in total. This includes 5 minutes of a dynamic warm-up and 45-50 minutes of coach led exercises, 5 minutes of cool down and stretches.



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