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Reset Your Mind & Body at Altea Active

Members can unwind, recharge and recover with our all-inclusive spa amenities. Explore our range of state-of-the-art spa facilities that are designed to elevate your mental and physical performance.

Your membership includes access to:

Swim At Altea Active With Our 25M Lap Pool
We understand how difficult it is to find a space to swim laps in the downtown core. That’s why at Altea Active Liberty Village we installed a 25m short course meter pool. Our pool is perfect for members looking to swim laps or to try one of our aquafit classes.
Hydrotherapy Pools
Rest and recover with our two hydrotherapy pools set at specific temperatures for optimal performance. Altea Active’s aquatic facilities offer one pool set at 104 degrees, for those looking for the traditional hot tub experience, and one at 94 degrees with in-water lounge chairs and high-pressure swan neck jets, for those looking to relax and take a refreshing dip.
Enjoy pure relaxation at Altea Active’s KLAFS Sanarium.
Enjoy a personalized oasis of relaxation reinterpreted with one of our three KLAFS Sanarium located within our spa and aquatic facilities. The KLAFS steam cabin transforms the traditional sauna experience by providing five different climate zone options including, a classic Finnish sauna, a warm air bath, an essential-oil infused tropical bath, an aroma bath, or a soft steam bath.
Cool Down in the Polaris Ice Lounge
The Polaris Ice Lounge is the perfect post-sauna pitstop, featuring an icy design that includes backlit acrylic glass, ice cube seats, and an ice fountain. Chilled to 14°C to 16°C, the Lounge features an ice fountain and snow paradise to highlight natural cooling methods for the body. The Polaris Ice Lounge provides year-round body cooling to help reduce muscle inflammation, soothe soreness, revitalize skin, and flushing out toxins.
Transform Your Meditation Practice with our Somadome Meditation Pod
Somadome is the world’s first technology-enabled meditation pod that utilizes light and colour therapy to alter and relax your body at a cellular level. Once inside, the Somadome is scientifically engineered to provide the illusion of infinite space and weightlessness. The Somadome helps to realign our disrupted EMF frequencies with our body’s natural electromagnetic signals to improve our ability to heal, focus, and rest.

Unplug and recharge with this immersive, tranquil and transformative meditation experience.
Take Wellness to Another Level With Our Himalayan Salt Lounge
Halotherapy, aka salt therapy, is one of the top spa trends in the world due to the many benefits salt has on the body. Salt therapy began in the Medieval era and is comparable to enjoying the salty sea air of the Mediterranean, which we are not privy to in the downtown core! Daily 25 to 45-minute sessions at our Himalayan Salt Lounge can improve sleep and breathing patterns, detoxify your respiratory system, and heal a number of skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne. Himalayan Salt Lounge is also safe for all ages.

Evidence shows that relaxing in a Sanarium® is more is more than just soothing--it’s also verifiably good for your health.

Regular sauna use has proven to not only relieve stress but regulate blood pressure, improve your immune system and expedite weight loss by ‘exercising’ your cardiovascular system. You’ll find one of our Sanarium’s on the coed pool deck, and our two others in each of the men’s and women’s change rooms.