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Our barbell workouts will help you get lean, fit and toned in no time! The perfect combination of light to moderate weight-lifting with lots of repetition gives you a total body workout. This gym session is great for all fitness skill levels: instructors will demonstrate modifications to meet your needs, while motivating you with great music and plenty of encouragement to help you achieve your fitness goals. This class is guaranteed to help you lose weight and feel unstoppable. Ready for the next level? Try our Rock the Bells workout Coed Studio/ E.

You don’t have to worry about over-exerting yourself. Our on-site athletic therapists are trained in assessing and treating musculoskeletal injuries (bones, joints, muscles). Find out more about our Athletic Therapy services here.

Let’s talk! For more information about joining Altea Active, our membership perks, our classes, our full suite of recovery amenities, and our awesome entertainment, connect with us here or check out our FAQ page. Think you would be a great addition to our team? Click here for our current job postings.