Ottawa’s Premier Wellness & Social Club

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Altea Ottawa will host 350 weekly classes, designed to meet diverse goals and schedules. From energizing mornings to relaxing evenings, Altea Ottawa isn’t just a routine, but a personalized path to long-term wellness.


Enhance your yoga practice with expert instructor-led classes. Leave every session feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


Pedal to peak fitness in our indoor group cycle classes. Push your limits, feel the rhythm, and spin your way to the best shape of your life.


Infused with the grace of ballet, the strength of Pilates, and the tranquility of yoga, our barre classes deliver a blend of low-impact, high-intensity workouts. Unleash your inner strength and grace with every movement.


Focus on functional training with our strength classes. Build strength and endurance, improve your posture and balance, and reduce your risk of injury.

AntiGravity Fitness

Adventure meets wellness in our AntiGravity Fitness classes. Experience the joy of building strength, flexibility, and balance as you defy gravity and soar through the air in a vibrant, supportive environment.


Unleash your inner warrior with this high-intensity, full-body workout, designed for boxing and fitness enthusiasts. Power up your core. Hone your upper and lower body strength. Supercharge your speed and agility.

Reformer Pilates

Embrace movement and transform your body with Reformer Pilates. This full-body workout builds long, lean muscles, while focusing on functional movement control, core strength, and posture.


Join our Mat Pilates classes and experience a comprehensive workout. Target your core, upper body, and lower body. Shape your strongest and most confident self.


Strengthen your muscles and improve your cardiovascular fitness while improving posture, balance, strength, endurance, flexibility, and joint movement leading to a healthier lifestyle.


Does Altea cater to all age groups and fitness levels?

Yes, all classes provide progressions and modifications to make our classes accessible for all levels. Our expert instructors will help you through your journey and help crush your goals.

You’ve advertised 350+ weekly fitness classes. Are they included with my membership?

Members will have access to 350 weekly classes featured in the club’s best-in-class boutique offerings, including the Cycle Studio, Hot Yoga Studio, Fusion Studio, Signature Studio, and Boxing Studio.

Altea will also feature:

  • Two LF3 Small Group Functional Strength and Cardio Studios that are a feature of the Diamond Membership (Drop-in options may be available to other membership tiers subject to availability),
  • A dedicated Reformer Pilates Studio will be available as an additional service for all members, and
  • A private studio will be available as an additional  service for those interested in small group and advanced training

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