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Embrace Strength

Offering functional training space, Olympic lifting platforms with bumper plates, a wide selection of TechnoGym equipment, cables, dumbbells, barbells and all the tools you need for your strength training workouts.

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boost your metabolism

Strength training will help you to maintain (and grow) your lean tissue. Increasing your lean tissue will boost your metabolic rate, burning more calories at rest, resulting in a lean, strong physique.

Altea: Toronto proudly offers:

  • Dumbbells ranging up to 120lbs, barbells, and curl bars
  • Multi-station cable units and dual cable functional equipment
  • Chin-up/pull-up/dip stations
  • Multiple adjustable include & decline benches
  • 12 squat racks with Olympic Lifting platforms, and 
  • Both plate-loaded and pin-loaded (selectorized) equipment

build self-confidence & improve your mood

By overcoming challenges, working towards goals and appreciating your body’s strength, your self-esteem will grow.

Lifting weight can help improve mental health by decreasing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Mood-boosting endorphins also make you feel great, improve your sleep and increase your brainpower.

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Function Forward

With 75 feet of performance turf, you will have all the space you need for dynamic mobility and functional training exercises.

A few benefits of functional training are:

  • Improved Movement Patterns and Efficiency
  • Improved Coordination and Mobility
  • Increased Calorie Burn
  • Improved Aerobic Capacity
  • Increase Lean Muscle Mass


Functional Training Space
Free Weights
Olympic Lifting Platforms
Selectorized Machines
Plate-Loaded Machines
Benches & More!

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