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Stretching is important for people of all ages! As we age, our muscles tighten and we experience a lower range of motion in our joints. A regular stretching program – like our Core, Balance and Stretch sessions – can help lengthen your muscles, make daily activities easier and more enjoyable as well as decrease your chance of injury. If weight loss is your ultimate goal, follow this session with our Core Blaster class. Main Studio/ E.

We know that our workouts make you work up an appetite, which is why we at Altea Active offer on-site food services, including our Catalyst Kitchen, Cocktails & Social restaurant, The Smoothie Bar, or Starbucks. Whether you are looking for clean, balanced nutrition or hoping to maintain your weight loss journey, we have everything you need. Need WiFi? We have you connected.

We’d love to hear from you. Contact us for any questions about our amazing membership perks, our variety of fitness classes, or our decadent recovery amenities. Or, check out our FAQ page – we may have answered your question already! Want to be a part of the Altea Active team? We’d love to have you on board.