Altea Active

KLAFS Sanarium

Enjoy pure relaxation at Altea Active’s KLAFS Sanarium

Enjoy a personalized oasis of relaxation, reinterpreted with our KLAFS Sanarium & steam cabins, located within our spa and aquatic facilities. The KLAFS Sanarium transforms the traditional sauna experience by providing five different climate zone options including, a classic Finnish sauna, a warm air bath, an essential-oil infused tropical bath, an aroma bath, or a soft steam bath.

Evidence shows that relaxing in a Sanarium® is more is more than just soothing--it’s also verifiably good for your health.


Regular sauna use has proven to not only relieve stress but regulate blood pressure, improve your immune system and can expedite weight loss by ‘exercising’ your cardiovascular system. You’ll find one of our Sanarium’s on the coed pool deck, and our steam cabins in each of the men’s and women’s change rooms.