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When you join our team, you become part of the Altea Active family. A group of talented people who cultivate magic, mindfulness, embrace change, and celebrate the community which is Altea Active.

Through the spirit of Altea Active and our team, we are breaking boundaries, redefining, and inspiring a new way of exploring health and fitness.

By fostering a culture of empowerment and adventure, we deliver career-defining growth experiences for our team members.

We scout individuals seeking to be a part of a team who have the same core values and beliefs as we do. Together, we radiate health, wellness, and optimism into the community.

Intrinsic Motivation

We seek individuals with intrinsic motivation who manifest impactful connections and create heartfelt experiences.

Spark Joy

Our commitment is to bring the community together through an experience that embraces change. We seek team members who practice exceptional customer service that spark joy, are engaged and empower others to grow.

Bring Balance

Our vision is to change the face of Canadian health and fitness by bringing balance to the most important aspects of our lives. We seek out team members who value family, community, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Perks & Benefits

Grow with us

We offer a culture that fosters professional growth and development. We believe in investing in our assets and hiring from within.

Wellness focus

A healthy workforce is a happy workforce. We offer group benefits from the date of hire!

Be an owner

When your goals and interests are aligned this well, it makes sense to take your goals to the next level by participating in our Employee Stock Option Plan.

Harmonious Partnership

We scout individuals seeking to be a part of a team who have the same core values and beliefs as we do.

Walk the walk
talk the talk

As a health and fitness centre, it’s apparent that we believe in caring for ourselves, and you! We offer all team members a complimentary membership

Take a well-deserved vacation

Who doesn’t love vacation?!?!

We offer up to 4 weeks’ vacation + 5 flex days!

Share the wealth

We provide complimentary ‘plus one’ memberships that you can share with your family or a friend!

Get rewarded

Recognition and rewards programs are designed to inspire individuals and teams to achieve short term and long-term financial incentives.


The hardest, yet most rewarding job you will ever have…..being a parent!

We’re here to support you throughout your parenthood journey by offering a Parental leave top-up program.

Strive for balance

We believe in working hard. We also believe in balance. To enhance our team members’ job satisfaction, boost productivity and creativity, we offer a 4-day work week program.

Education Fund

Seeking perpetual growth?

We offer our team members to level up with our continuing education program. Receive up to $1500 per year for continuing education.

Celebrate you

♫ Happy birthday to you, ♫
♫ happy birthday to you ♫
Another year around the sun earns is more than enough reason to celebrate YOU for your special day.

Save for the future

Saving for the future can seem like a daunting task, because the future is so far away right?! We offer you the opportunity to participate in our Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)

Altea’s Aviator of the month

Get recognized for your contributions with our monthly acknowledgement program.

Special offerings and discounts

Receive discounts services such as; Personal Training, Active Kids Club and more!

*some perks and benefits are only for designated roles

Ready to join our team?

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Altea Active Winnipeg

This 80,000 square foot facility is located in the Bridgwater Neighborhood, offering 3 levels of family focused services and amenities. Offerings that are unique to this location include a full women’s only section, including pool, rock climbing and skating lab

Altea Active Toronto

This 89,000 square foot facility is located on the east side of Liberty Village. This unique urban playground caters to an array of members offering an elevated wellness experience, where health and wellness meet hospitality. Offerings that are unique to this location include KLAFS Sanarium and Polaris Ice Lounge, Somadome meditation pod, Catalyst Kitchen & Cocktails (full-service restaurant and bar), Topgolf Sports Simulators, Duckpin bowling.