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Take Your Skating Skills To The Next Level

Develop explosive power, lengthen your stride, and improve endurance with the use of our cutting-edge technology and expert coaching. The Skating Lab is a training tool that offers 1:1 analysis and correction of your skating mechanics.

Why Use The Skating Lab?

The Skating Lab is empirically proven to improve on-ice performance. This unique training tool enables our coaches to focus on your skating mechanics and make appropriate adjustments to your technique. The Skating Lab experience is a total contrast from a traditional team practice where you’d have over 15 skaters on the ice. When you’re one of 15 players, you don’t get the same level of focused attention. Bad habits can go unnoticed.

Training with us in the Skating Lab, you’ll develop more efficient stride mechanics, maximize your stride length, optimize edge control, and improve your conditioning. This results in a more explosive stride, better acceleration, and a higher top speed on the ice.

Every player has different biomechanics, physiology, and movement patterns. Our team of expert skating coaches will identify your areas of improvement and systematically train your body to learn optimal skating mechanics. With this training, you’ll develop breakaway speed with more powerful, efficient strides.

How Does It Work?

Video analysis is a critical tool for players to make the connection between what your Skating Instructor identifies and what you feel with your body. Real-time video analysis enables you to apply micro corrections to your technique right away during your next work-set, so you can learn and practice perfect skating mechanics.

Our Skating Instructors are experts who apply sports science principles to their coaching sessions to properly target your weaknesses with the correct solution. They have years of experiencing teaching power skating, playing hockey and ringette at high levels. They know what it takes to elevate your game.

The Skating Treadmill provides 40% more friction than ice. This characteristic will challenge your body to adapt, so by the time you return to the rink, skating on ice will be less of an effort for your reconditioned body, and you’ll feel like you’re flying out there.

Who’s It For?

All skaters of every ability will benefit from the Skating Lab - young and old, from beginners to pros. Not only will the expert coaching from our Skating Instructors provide an objective analysis of your inefficiencies so you can make improvements, but the intelligently designed training programs and the Skating Treadmill itself will induce positive adaptations in your skating performance, regardless of the level you’re currently playing at.


Skating Lab Program Options

Private Training Packages starting at $40/session
Partner Training Packages starting at $30/session
Group Training Packages starting at $22.50/session


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