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Get Stronger Together With High Performance Training For Sports Teams

Elevate the mindset and skillset of your players with professional team training. Our state-of-the-art facility is the perfect place to help your players realize their full potential and strengthen the bond with teammates.

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Who’s This For?

Team Training is suitable for any sports team at all levels of expertise and competition. We’re here to help take you to the next level, whether you’re a team of mature high-performance athletes or juniors.

Our High-Performance Coaches are trained to design programs at developmentally appropriate levels to ensure your players are challenged just beyond their current abilities. We ensure learning and positive adaptations every week.

High Performance Coaches

Our team of High-Performance Coaches are the best in the region. Team Training programs are informed by proven sports science principles that our High-Performance Coaches have successfully employed for years working with teams of various levels across every sports discipline.


Customized Programs

Program design is a significant ingredient for success here, and our High-Performance Coaches methodically plan programs customized to each team (informed by the results of Testing on Day 1, revealing your players’ strengths & weaknesses) to ensure that your athletes are making positive strides each week, and optimizing their performance.

Athlete Development

All our Team Training programs correspond with the Long-Term Athlete Development Model adopted by the Canadian Sport Institute (CSI), to ensure your athletes are properly training physical attributes in their optimal windows of development to maximize their full athletic potential.

Athlete Development covers:

Pre & Post Assessments

Your team’s first session is a Pre-Testing Day to assess your players in various aspects of athleticism. This is essential to the program’s success as it will inform the program design to improve your athletes’ weaknesses, and further maximize their strengths in very targeted ways each week.

Our objective is not just to make your players sweat, but rather, to intelligently develop the systems, movement patterns, and physiology they need to develop as athletes, improve their in-game performance, and reduce their risk of injury.

Towards the end of the program, Post-Testing Day is a significant milestone, and will demonstrate the massive improvements your team has made through their hard work during each week of the program.

Athletes thrive psychologically when they are meaningfully aware of the improvements they’ve made, and this dimension of the program is integral to that awareness. This translates into improved confidence during their in-game performance.

Corrective Exercises

Your team will be sent homework to be done independently during the days in between each Team Training session. Each player will be assigned corrective exercises to work on their individual weaknesses, to ensure they’re progressing each week in a customized way.

This feature of Team Training at Altea Active is a game changer for your players. Other programs that don’t offer this element have no way of correcting your players’ dysfunctional movement patterns, leading to continual reinforcement of bad habits.

Digital Tools

Our digital tools will support your athletes at a distance, so in between each week of Team Training, with access to our video library, they can do their homework and ensure their areas of need are targeted in a personalized way.


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