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LF3 | Lifestyle Fitness

Be Strong | Be Healthy | Be Resilient

LF3 Weights

train with purpose

LF3 is the most results-driven small group functional training system in the world. Train for life with our small group training program, available In-Studio, LIVE Interactive Online, and On-Demand. 

Train with purpose when it comes to your fitness goals. Diamond members at Altea Active receive a personalized 7-day training plan based on their goals, ongoing monthly medical grade tracking to optimize results, monthly accountability check-ins & unlimited LF3 small group training sessions. 

Every LF3 session includes your own personalized workout station with your own equipment along with motivation & support from our expert coaches. All you have to do is show up. 

Become your strongest, healthiest and most resilient self with a close-knit, supportive community within your own club. Train anywhere, anytime with LF3. 


What is the capacity of the LF3 Studio?

LF3 classes are limited to 15 participants. Everyone will receive their own station and focused attention from the LF3 Coach

What is an LF3 Rx Session?

The Rx session is your 1 on 1 consultation to build your 7-day personalized training plan. We will discuss your training history, injuries and goals to customize your training routine. We will also capture an idea of your baseline fitness with our medical grade bioscan device, the Evolt 360.

What are the LF3 classes like?

Each LF3 class incorporates a mixture of cardiovascular and resistance training that is never repeated twice. We’re all about keeping it new and exciting to keep you, and your body, on its toes. Our engaging staff and sense of camaraderie you’ll build with other members will keep you wanting to come back to LF3, again and again. Heads up! You won’t see machines in our studios. Our workouts are based on realistic movements inspired by everyday life. Learn to enjoy movement and enhance your overall quality of life. You can learn more about LF3 classes here:

What is LF3?

LF3 stands for Lifestyle Fitness based on three core pillars (Be Strong, Be Healthy, Be Resilient). LF3 is Altea’s small group training and digital fitness solution. Altea wants to make sure that every member has the ability to access quality fitness professionals and science based workout programming anytime, anywhere in all of their membership offerings. Our Diamond membership is the only membership that includes unlimited LF3 small group training sessions, in person.

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