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Embrace Variety

Indulge in our fitness haven featuring 165+ weekly classes, meticulously designed for diverse fitness goals and busy schedules. With classes throughout the day and week, find your perfect session, from energizing mornings to relaxing evenings. Tailored to all levels, it’s not just a routine but a personalized fitness adventure.


Immerse in your yoga practice led by expert instructors, where tranquillity meets expertise. Feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and poised to conquer your day after every session. Embrace the harmony of mind and body and let your yoga journey unfold with us.


Experience the Ultimate Ride: Our indoor group cycle classes offer an electrifying journey where you can pedal your way to peak fitness! Push your limits, feel the rhythm, and spin your way to the best shape of your life. Join us and let the thrill of the ride transform your fitness journey into an exhilarating adventure!


Elevate your fitness with Barre! Infused with the grace of ballet, strength of Pilates, and tranquility of yoga, our barre classes deliver a captivating blend of low-impact, high-intensity workouts. Experience the perfect balance of challenge and rejuvenation, leaving you feeling not just strong and toned, but also energized and empowered. Unleash your inner strength and grace with every movement.


Strength comes from within. Come see how strong you really are.

With a focus on functional training, our strength classes will help you develop a strong, resilient body that can tackle any challenge life throws your way. You’ll build strength and endurance, improve your posture and balance, and reduce your risk of injury.

AntiGravity Fitness

Defy Gravity, Embrace Strength! Immerse in our AntiGravity Fitness aerial yoga classes, where adventure meets wellness. Experience the joy of building strength, flexibility, and balance as you soar through the air in a vibrant and supportive environment. Let the thrill of flight elevate your practice, making every session a delightful journey toward a stronger, more flexible you. Embrace the freedom and discover a new dimension of fitness!


Step into the ring and unleash your inner warrior with our high-intensity, full-body workout meticulously designed for boxing and fitness enthusiasts. Ignite your core, power up your upper body, and hone your lower body strength, all while supercharging your speed and agility. This isn’t just a workout; it’s your chance to channel your inner champion, enhancing your boxing prowess and elevating your overall fitness game. 

Reformer Pilates

Embrace Movement and transform your body with Reformer Pilates. This full-body workout builds long, lean muscles while focusing on core strength and posture. Wiith a focus on functional movement control, our strength classes will help you develop a strong, resilient body that can tackle any challenge life throws your way.


Dive into our mat Pilates classes, where challenge meets reward. Experience a comprehensive workout meticulously designed to target your core, upper body, and lower body, shaping you into your strongest and most confident self. Unleash your potential and embrace the rewarding journey to a healthier, fitter you.


What are the most popular group fitness classes?

The most popular fitness classes can vary by person. Here are some examples of fitness classes that are popular at Altea Active:

Yoga: Yoga classes are popular for their physical and mental benefits, including increased flexibility, strength, and stress relief.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training): HIIT classes involve short bursts of high-intensity exercise alternated with periods of rest or low-intensity exercise. They are popular for their efficiency and calorie-burning potential.

Cycling/Spin Classes: Cycling or spin classes involve riding stationary bikes to music and are popular for their cardiovascular and leg-toning benefits.

Pilates: Pilates classes focus on building core strength, flexibility, and balance through controlled movements and stretching.

Barre: Barre classes are a fusion of ballet-inspired movements, Pilates, and yoga, and focus on building strength, flexibility, and balance through isometric exercises.

Zumba: Zumba is a dance-inspired fitness class that combines Latin music and dance movements with cardio exercise.

Bootcamp: Bootcamp classes involve a combination of cardio, strength training, and bodyweight exercises, and are popular for their total-body workout and variety of exercises.

We recommend trying a variety of classes to see which ones you like best. For recommendations on classes and training options, we recommend booking your Road Map Session.

When do fitness classes start?

Group fitness classes start as early as 6AM!

How many fitness classes should I take per week? 

The number of fitness classes you should take per week will depend on your fitness goals, current fitness level, and schedule.

Generally, we recommend 2-5 classes per week.

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