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Himalayan Salt Lounge

Take Wellness to Another Level With Our Himalayan Salt Lounge

Salt therapy is one of the top spa trends in the world due to the many benefits salt has on the body. Salt therapy is comparable to enjoying the salty sea air of the Mediterranean, which we are not privy to in Toronto’s downtown core! Daily sessions at our Himalayan Salt Lounge can improve sleep and breathing patterns. Our Himalayan Salt Lounge is safe for all ages to enjoy.

Indulging in our Himalayan Salt Lounge is an almost-spiritual experience. Keep those spiritual vibes flowing by unwinding in our Somadome Meditation Pod. One of only three in Canada, it is the perfect place in which to experience pure tranquility. Relax the day away with our AquaMoon Sensory Shower, our KLAFS Sanarium and steam cabins and our Polaris Ice Lounge.

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