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Embrace Recovery

In many ways, post-workout recovery and full recovery days are just as important as those intense workout days. In fact, taking proper recovery can actually help make you a better athlete and healthier overall. Investing time in your recovery will help to enhance muscle development, improve mental health and stress, and reduce the risk of overuse injuries.

Beyond time itself, there are huge benefits to regular stretching, focused nutrition, proper hydration and ample sleep. Additionally, you could explore the benefits of massage and contrast therapy.

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HydroMassage Chair

Why you should finish your workout with the enhanced relaxation of HydroMassage® 

HydroMassage is an innovative water massage lounge and bed for wellness and muscle recovery. Powerful waves of heated water massage target specific areas for a personalized and relaxing experience.  

 We’ve invested in HydroMassage because we know how important recovery is to your overall wellness plan.  Your body will thank you! 

CryoLounge+ Recovery Chair

Discover a new Kind of Recovery with the targeted heat & cold therapy of CryoLounge+ 

A feature within our range of wellness amenities, CryoLounge+ is an advanced recovery chair with complementary cold and heat zones. Cold is applied to target soreness or minor aches and pains, while heat is applied in other areas of the body for a comfortable experience.  

Benefits: Reduced inflammation, alleviates pain, and quicker recovery time, providing an effective way to recharge your body and mind. 

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What is the capacity of the Cycle Studio?

Our cycle studio has 75 bikes!

How much are indoor cycle classes?

Indoor group cycle classes are included in all membership tiers at Altea Active.

Are indoor cycle classes hard?

Indoor cycle classes can be challenging, but the level of difficulty can vary depending on several factors, including the instructor, the duration of the class, the intensity level, and the individual’s fitness level. If you are new to group cycle classes, try sitting close to the instructor, letting them know you are a beginner and go at your own pace.

How long are indoor cycle classes?

Most classes are 60 minutes and this includes warm up and cool down time.

Are indoor cycle classes good for you?

Indoor cycle classes can be a great way to improve overall health and fitness. Indoor cycling is a great low-impact group exercise option for all experience levels.

Are indoor cycle classes worth it?

If you are looking for a fun, motivational way to improve your cardiovascular health, stamina and body composition, indoor cycle classes are a great option!

What type of shoes or cleats do I need?

We recommend wearing cross training shoes over running shoes (The less flexible the better for cycling).  All bikes have straps to keep your feet on the pedals.

For those with cycle shoes, Altea’s Technogym bikes accommodate SPD/Shimano cleats.

What are indoor cycle classes?

Indoor cycle classes, also known as spinning classes, are group fitness classes that take place on stationary bicycles. The classes are led by a certified instructors who motivate participants through a series of cycling exercises and drills set to lively music.

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