Altea Active


Refuel At Our Starbucks And Smoothie Bar

Members and guests can enjoy our full-service Starbucks and Smoothie Bar. We have plenty of seating and high-speed Wi-Fi.


We’re proud to offer our members and guests a full-service Starbucks experience. Enjoy your vente, extra shot, extra hot, skim caramel macchiato in our café lounge. It has plenty of seating and high speed Wi-Fi.

Smoothie Bar

Upholding convenience and pure nourishment, the Altea Active Smoothie Bar was born to complement and enhance physical fitness. Powering our members with recipes designed to boost energy, promote rapid recovery, stimulate muscle growth, and foster internal health, it offers a destination to fuel your potential. Whether for breakfast or late-night replenishment, the Smoothie Bar’s accessible, good-for-you offerings promote strength and wellness to keep you performing at your best.