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Hydrotherapy Pools


Recover at Altea Active With Our Hydrotherapy Pools

The perfect post-workout treat. Rejuvenate weary, tired and fatigued muscles in our – not one, but – two hydrotherapy pools set at controlled temperatures for optimal performance. Altea Active’s aquatic facilities offer one pool set at 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit), for those looking for the traditional hot tub experience, and one at 34 degrees Celsius (94 degrees Fahrenheit) with in-water lounge chairs for those looking to relax and take a refreshing dip in pure luxury.

Hydrotherapy is known to provide amazing health benefits. The heat relaxes you – it de-stresses your muscles, easing joint pain and making it easier to exercise. The warm water also improves your blood flow and circulation. Finally, the heat makes you sweat – detoxing you and getting rid of internal impurities.

Extend your trip to the spa with a session in our decadent AquaMoon Sensory Shower, which  combines light therapy, customizable water pressure, and soothing aesthetics to create a uniquely lavish shower experience. Why not turn your gym day into a spa day by visiting our Himalayan Salt Lounge, our H20 lounge, our KLAFS Sanarium and steam cabins and our Polaris Ice Lounge.

How can we help? For more information about our fitness classes, recovery amenities, and membership perks, visit our FAQ page. To speak to us personally, please contact us – we’d love to talk to you.