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Yoga &
Hot Yoga

Our yoga classes welcome yogis at every level.

Our yoga classes range from helping you improve your flexibility, relieve soreness, and release tension, to more work-out style, Tabata classes. We offer 20 unique yoga classes, each with a specific style and focus designed to help you achieve your fitness goals and some much-needed relaxation. Any of our hot yoga classes are perfect for those seeking a more intense sweat, whereas our Yin by Candlelight class strikes the ideal balance between meditation and flow.

Our experienced instructors will guide you through your practice both verbally and through hands-on adjustments to prevent injury while providing modifications and advice for those looking to challenge themselves or improve their recovery.

Relaxation does not stop with yoga! Continue your zen experience in our Somadome Meditation Pod. Unplug and recharge with this immersive, tranquil and transformative meditation experience – one of only three in Canada.

At Altea Active, we’re all about bringing social wellness to you. If you have any questions about membership, our amazing fitness classes, recovery amenities, or entertainment suite, reach out to us here or check out our FAQ page – the answer might already be there! If you are interested in joining our team, click here.